Nadia Geslot-GILMORE

I was born in Brittany (France) in 1968 and I have lived in different European countries (United-Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland). In 2001, I settled in Belgium, where I continue to paint.

The canvas is my personal domain, to be tamed and conquered. It is my confidante, the witness of an encounter. It will carry within it all the emotional charge of my life, my experiences.

like a dance.

I fashion the medium using my hands (or other tools), and in a sensual dance throw, spread, shape this medium, which then becomes one with the canvas. The movement of my hands and the sensation of touch are primordial to me. It is a great moment of reciprocity in which the act of thinking and painting overlap and interweave.


Then, the vital thirst for colour that fills me explodes like fireworks, and the magic of the alchemy of colours completes this pleasure of creation.

I do not give titles to my paintings as I do not want the spectator to feel bound by this, but rather free to discover and experience his own emotions each time the painting is contemplated.

Collective exhibitions :

2012: Pre-selected for the RTBF Canvas Collection competition
2011: Galerie D&ART, Gand
           Galerie Art et Miss, Paris
2010: Galerie Rollebeek, Bruxelles
2009: Centre culturel Christiane Peugeot (biennale of malta), Paris
2007: Centre culturel Christiane Peugeot (biennale of malta), Paris
2007: Galerie Rollebeek, Bruxelles

Personal exhibitions :

2013: Artbeat Galerie, Bruxelles
2008: Galerie Rollebeek, Bruxelles